Who we are

Who we are

Secure Chorus is an independent, not-for-profit membership organisation.

We are a global forum comprising a diverse international membership focused on enabling secure communication and data processing products to communicate with each other, based on open standards and collaboration.

Secure Chorus membership is open to the secure communication industry supporting specific open cryptography standards for connecting secure communication and data processing products through the development of interoperability standards.

Our members also include private and public sector enterprise users of Secure Chorus Compliant Products. We also welcome observers such as regulators, academic institutions, standards organisations and trade associations interested in contributing to the future of the secure communications industry.

We work together with our vendors to develop interoperability standards for secure communication and data processing to meet the requirements of a wide range of use cases. Uniquely, we go beyond the technology and seek to establish a mutually beneficial ecosystem model amongst our community of vendors and users.

Our user members

Secure Chorus’ membership enables our user members to tap into the talent, experience and passion of our vendors, to address the biggest secure multimedia communication and data processing challenges on their minds. Purchasing Secure Chorus Compliant Products will result in lower costs, increased capability and higher aggregate security for users.

Our vendor members

Secure Chorus’ membership enables vendors to form new partnerships and channels for their products, and have access to a larger base of clients requirements than they have today.

Our operator and system integrator members

Secure Chorus’ membership provides opportunities for members to offer enhanced services to facilitate interoperability between enterprises as well as between service providers. Operators and System Integrators can also gain insights into key areas of innovation from our innovative start-ups and SMEs.

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