Who we are

Who we are

Secure Chorus is a not-for-profit membership organisation serving as a platform for multi-stakeholder cooperation in the field of information security. Based in London UK, our mission is to understand the challenges faced by organisations across government, public and private sectors, while working with the information security industry to share knowledge, develop forward-looking strategies and innovative capabilities based on common technology standards.

Secure Chorus has brought together a community of inspiring organisations from across the globe, including governments, supranational organisations and private organisations, from large established global enterprises through to technology start-ups, academic institutions, regulators, trade associations and standards bodies. This is allowing us to support users across sectors by rapidly scaling our ecosystem of secure, regulatory complaint and interoperable information security technologies, services and infrastructure.

Secure Chorus has increased the discussion about forward-looking strategies, common standards and tangible capabilities to provide the global digital economy with much-needed security baselines for information technology, while becoming recognised as a community of thought leaders that is committed to supporting user communities across sectors through its Thought Leadership Platform.

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