Building a multi-brand ecosystem of communication apps interoperable, secure and auditable by design

Wednesday, April 24th, 2019
14:00 PM – 14:40 PM

Secure Chorus will be hosting a Thought Leadership Platform (TLP) at CYBERUK 2019 bringing together some of its member organisations which have expert knowledge in secure communication.

There are several important aspects enterprise users should consider when selecting a communication app, such as reliable data security and auditability. But there is another important aspect that remains unresolved: just as phone numbers connect enterprise users of different telephony networks, so too should they be able to connect enterprise users of different communication apps.

Following two years of collaborative work Secure Chorus, a not-for-profit membership organisation serving as a platform for government-industry cooperation in the information security field, has recently announced the completion of its first set of interoperability standards for encrypted voice calls.

The completion of this first set of interoperability standards for encrypted voice calls specifically aimed at enterprise users has created a much-needed breakthrough, setting a strong step ahead to develop interoperability standards for developers of communication apps.

This workshop will bring to the stage Secure Chorus along with like-minded cybersecurity organisations which have initiated the multi-brand ecosystem of communication apps that are interoperable and secure by design. The workshop will include a case study presenting a scenario in which enterprise users from different organisations are able to communicate with ease, reliability and security using different brands of communication apps.


Elisabetta Zaccaria, Secure Chorus

Dr Andy Lilly, Armour Communications

Ed Gillett, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Jon Turner, Leonardo.


CYBERUK 2019, Stream G, Interactive Workshops, Scottish Event Campus, Glasgow

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