Secure Chorus aims to produce a set of standards ensuring that any Secure Chorus Compliant Product is able to establish secure communications with any other Secure Chorus Compliant Product in the ecosystem.

These standards will be made available to the general public as part of Secure Chorus’ ongoing effort to make secure communications accessible to all.

To date, Secure Chorus has defined two profiles for secure communication, beyond the cryptographic standards. These state which protocols and codecs should be used for communication (Secure Chorus One2One v1.0 ), and how the Key Management Servers (KMS) can communicate with one-another to exchange public keys, offering a decentralised federation of KMS (Secure Chorus KMS Certificate Definition v1.0).

Additionally, Secure Chorus is currently working on setting a standard for communication Hubs. These will be the equivalent of telephone exchanges for secure communications. Individual KMS will have the ability to join such a Hub, ensuring they can immediately enable secure communication to users of all other KMS in the Hub, as well as guaranteeing a dedicated data channel for excellent quality of service.

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