Standards Committee

Standards Committee

The Standards Committee is the committee appointed by the board of directors of Secure Chorus to advise the board on the interoperability standards which establish the engineering and technical criteria pursuant to which different information technology systems and software applications may communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged.

Chair of Standards Committee

Dr Andy Lilly, Armour Communications

Members of Standards Committee

Stephen Brown, Chairman of the Board & Chief Information Officer – Click here for Leadership biographies.

The National Cyber Security Centre

Adam Knight, Telefonica

Andrew Roberts, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Micael Berg, Cryptify 

Mike Brown, ISARA Corporation

Dr Kit Kilgour, Sepura

Gerald McQuaid, Vodafone

Simon Pryce, Leonardo

Dr Nithin Thomas, SQR Systems

Sebastian Wiles, Serbus

Stuart McKean, Nine23

David Harker, Harker Labs

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