Our Work

Secure Chorus Compliant Products provide a unique combination of security, interoperability and data ownership to government and enterprise across the world.

Our goal has been to provide secure communication solutions to government and enterprise, but in a way that was unique to their setting. Based on our belief in the power of an ecosystem approach, we authored a set of interoperability standards for secure communication, that will help other providers of secure communication solutions to become part of Secure Chorus.

We have been leaders in fostering collaboration and cross fertilisation between different stakeholders in our industry to better solve the hardest problems for governments and enterprise. To achieve the most innovative and reliable solutions, we brought together large corporates and innovative start-ups.

Secure Chorus, guides stakeholders in the secure communication industry to transform loosely connected, disparate elements into an effective environment for collaboration on challenging problems. We combine resources and improve relationships by bringing different stakeholders under one roof. This has delivered substantial value to our members; new business opportunities for our vendors and more innovative and reliable products for our end user.

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