Secure Chorus featured in Infosecurity Magazine “Privacy and Data Protection in Multimedia Apps”


Secure Chorus’ Chairman Elisabetta Zaccaria discusses how the mobile application (app) ecosystem has emerged to become one of the biggest global industries. Multimedia apps continue to be the most used form of communication and have not just changed the way we interact in our private lives: they have become an important means for organisations to interact with their customers, integrating several of their services into these IM platforms.

While organisations increasingly rely on multimedia applications to offer services to their customer base, the processing of sensitive data through such technologies is becoming a growing concern. When a mobile app processes any data that is personal and private by nature, such as pictures, messages, emails and agenda items, as well as data that is related to the user’s behaviour, all the key data protection requirements in the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are triggered.

Data security faces some serious challenges in the area of mobile apps. This is due to the complexity of the mobile app ecosystem: it is not only dependent on app development methods, but on the hardware, software, operating systems, protocols, APIs, infrastructures, contracts, and so on. Because of this complexity, the assessment of an app’s privacy and security characteristics is difficult. As a result, in order to achieve a comprehensive approach to protecting data processing for mobile app users, a multi-stakeholder approach to developing common technology standards is required.

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