Secure Chorus’ Elisabetta Zaccaria on “Digital protectionism: the international game is afoot” for Broad Group


Secure Chorus’ Elisabetta Zaccaria discusses how control over data has emerged as a crucial element of national security and economic growth, and that for many countries digital strategy is rapidly becoming a matter of geopolitics and geo-economics.

Strategically, controlling data means having the ability to transform them into digital intelligence. Therefore, nations and organisations that have the most control over the data value chain, namely those that have the ability to collect, store, analyse and transform data, will increasingly gain more geopolitical power and economic advantage compared with those that don’t.

At present, the world is characterised by digital divides, differences in readiness and a high concentration of market power in some parts of the world. The digital wealth arising from emerging technologies is currently concentrated in the hands of a few US and China-based digital platforms.

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