Secure Chorus publishes its Annual Report FY 2019-2020


Secure Chorus, a not-for-profit membership organisation, published its Annual Report FY 2019-2020.

Chairman’s Statement:


Dear Stakeholders,

Since the founding of Secure Chorus, our vision has been consistent: to be a not-for-profit membership organisation which provides a trusted space for multi-stakeholder cooperation in the field of cybersecurity.

Those who started our company were pioneers and entrepreneurs, motivated by their conviction that cybersecurity will increasingly require multi-stakeholder cooperation to align interests, and develop better cybersecurity capabilities made of global governance mechanisms, policies, standards and technologies, while at the same time maintaining national and regional initiatives as required.

Today, technological advances and interconnectivity are positively transforming the world we live in, and yet this progress has created unprecedented systemic cybersecurity risks which are exponentially challenging our economies, national security, international stability, and privacy.

The start of 2020 was marked by the COVID-19 outbreak and technology has been central to the way people, companies and governments have managed the pandemic crisis; but this increased use of technology has also exposed many weaknesses and future challenges from a cybersecurity perspective. We believe that Secure Chorus’ vision and role are uniquely suited to these fast-moving and complex times, requiring agility, engagement and support from leading stakeholders from the private and public sectors.

FY 2019-2020 proved to be a challenging yet successful year for Secure Chorus. We faced significant operating challenges, many of which were beyond our control. First, the company prematurely lost its sole source of funding and second, key leadership that was crucial to the founding of Secure Chorus departed.

Resulting from that, our company had to undergo a radical strategic and operational re-organisation as well as develop a succession planning strategy, both to safeguard the continuity of our business.

The Board of Directors took steps to ensure the company’s continuing success necessitated by our changing roles. Both of our founders and board members, Roderick Hodgson and Elisabetta Zaccaria, stepped down in the past year. Roderick Hodgson resigned as director in April 2019. Elisabetta Zaccaria stepped down for personal reasons in October 2019 after almost 4 years as Chairman and has remained involved as a senior advisor. The board appointed myself to succeed her as Chairman, a role I took up on the 1st November 2019.

Despite such challenges, we are proud to report that the past year was a year of strong performance in terms of delivery on our ambitious vision to serve as a platform for multi-stakeholder cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. This year was marked by notable achievements. Many are outlined in this document, with three holding particular significance.

First, our effectiveness in creating impactful public-private cooperation was reflected in our formal recognition by international media which granted our founder, Elisabetta Zaccaria, with several honours and awards for her work with Secure Chorus.

Second, working with our public and private sector members, we were invited to run our Thought Leadership Platforms at two important industry forums: CYBERUK 2019, the UK Government’s flagship cyber security event, and UK Fintech Week 2019.  

Third, we continued to deliver on our technology roadmap for messaging apps and completed, with our members, important updates to our one-to-one encrypted voice communication standards.

We also published two new standards: group encrypted voice communication and one-to-one encrypted messaging. Some of these standards have been adopted into some of our members’ products. 

Achieving everything outlined in this annual report, and so much more, relies on the talent, commitment and drive of our employees and advisors.

Looking ahead, these are unprecedented times for the world, and the current economic recession may impact negatively on our plans to continue to act as a platform for multi-stakeholder cooperation in the field of cybersecurity. And yet we won’t give up. Over the past year, we demonstrated the required entrepreneurial, pragmatic and efficient spirit to successfully address the challenges we faced. It is with the same spirit that we are entering FY 2020-2021.

I am also pleased to announce that the new financial year has been marked by important additions to our senior team of advisors; we welcomed on board Dr Alastair MacWillson, Tarquin Folliss OBE, and Glenn Musson who will work closely with our company as it enters a new phase.

As the company enters this new phase, my colleagues and I will harness the energy and drive of our founders to launch new platforms for multi-stakeholder cooperation in the field of cybersecurity to continue delivering positive impact to the global digital community.

We would like to thank our employees and advisors for their continued commitment in what has been a particularly challenging year for Secure Chorus. Our thanks also go to all those who support Secure Chorus: our shareholders and business partners.

Stephen Brown


The Annual Report 2019-2020 is available to members and other interested parties via this link.


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