Secure Chorus’ Chairman speaks to the Security Committee for IA at the EU Council in Brussels


Secure Chorus’ Chairman, Elisabetta Zaccaria, presented to the Security Committee for Information Assurance at the EU Council in Brussels on 28th June.

The Security Committee examines all matters regarding the protection of EU classified information and makes recommendations to the Council as necessary. The Security Committee is composed of representatives from national security services or other relevant member state authorities.

In her presentation Elisabetta spoke about the evolution of voice networks and how the raise of VoIP technology has replaced circuit switched networks in favour of packet-switched networks for voice. As result this type of multimedia data is exposed to new kinds of threats, typical for data sent over the internet. These risks are amongst those in focus for Secure Chorus.

Current proprietary VoIP solutions only allow initiators and recipients to have secure communications if both use the same vendor solution. They typically cannot give a domain manager full control of the security of the system, nor do they allow thorough analysis against information assurance requirement if the details of the standards are not in the public domain.

The main characteristics of vendor products that adopt Secure Chorus’ open communication, cryptography and interoperability standards are end-to-end encryption, identity based public key, data control and interoperability. In addition, Secure Chorus standards are agnostic to implementation; users have the complete freedom and flexibility to deploy platforms and infrastructure to meet their requirements, while maintaining all the secure chorus’ technical standards.

Secure Chorus technology provides several benefits for the end users. The open standards approach increases the availability of products on the market, thereby decreasing their cost for buyers. Additionally, identity-based public key cryptography simplifies the process required to add users into a deployed system, reducing operational cost.

The cryptography standards at the core of Secure Chorus allow user domain managers to easily enable secure communication among internal user groups, as well as between internal and external user groups. Domain managers therefore maintain full control on which group can communicate with another.

Speaking after the meeting with the Security Committee for IA Elisabetta Zaccaria, Chairman of Secure Chorus said:

“The Security Committee for IA at the EU Council has a fundamental role in decisions around secure communication in the EU. We were very pleased to share our ecosystem approach to developing interoperable secure multimedia communication based on industry collaboration and open standards. The meeting has highlighted for us the need for open standards and interoperable secure communication solutions for use in international collaboration, and has confirmed there is an increased awareness of the importance of security for multimedia communication.”

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