Secure Chorus’ Chairman addresses SINET ITSEF conference in Silicon Valley


Secure Chorus’, Chairman, Elisabetta Zaccaria recently spoke at the SINET ITSEF conference in Silicon Valley on March 28 – “Developing an International Cyber Innovation Ecosystem”.

Elisabetta took part in a panel discussion of distinguished speakers to discuss cyber security co-operation between international organisations, including government, industry and academia. The focus of this panel was to understand and discuss best practice of these ecosystems and more importantly, explore how these ecosystems can be connected together for the greater good.

Elisabetta contributed her experience in developing the ecosystem model for Secure Chorus to the discussion.  Secure Chorus is an independent not-for-profit, membership organisation for users and vendors involved in secure communication. Through open standards and collaboration, Secure Chorus is building a global secure cross-platform multimedia communications ecosystem for government & enterprise.

In a wide-ranging discussion, Elisabetta underlined the importance of  moving beyond traditional industry silos and coalescing into ecosystems, to create new business opportunities and more innovative enterprise security.  She drew parallels between business ecosystem and ecosystems in the natural world, where living organisms influence each other, they compete and collaborate, share and create resources, and co-evolve and adapt together to external disruption.

Speaking after the conference, Elisabetta said:

“The ecosystem model is important, both for vendors and users of cyber security products and services. We are keen to share our experience in developing Secure Chorus’ ecosystem and it’s been fascinating to hear the insights of others.”

Elisabetta was joined on the panel by other senior and experienced figures: Daniel Craigen, Director of GCR, Carleton University, Doug Maughan, Division Director, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Science & Technology Directorate, Kazuo Noguchi, Senior Manager, Hitachi America, Ltd. & Senior Researcher, Keio Research Institute at SFC, Greg Simmons, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, University of Maryland, Baltimore County and Ron Zehavi, Chief Executive Officer, CyberSpark.

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