Secure Chorus’ Chairman addresses CYBERUK 2018 in Manchester


Secure Chorus’, Chairman, Elisabetta Zaccaria recently spoke at the CYBERUK 2018 summit in the Manchester Central Convention Complex taking place on 10-12thApril.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), which is part of GCHQ, welcomed specialists from across government, industry and law enforcement to the start of their flagship 3-day CYBERUK 2018 summit. ‘The Cyber Threat to UK Business‘, jointly authored by the NCSC and the National Crime Agency (NCA) in collaboration with industry partners, was published to mark the start of the conference.

Elisabetta was invited to take part in a panel discussion of distinguished speakers, during the CYBERUK Leadership day on the 12th April on “Managing the present; shaping the future. Part 2: what are we up against? What can we do to protect ourselves? How can we keep up with the pace of technological change?”

This session was aimed at providing insights into how we can protect ourselves from cyber threats. We will explore technological convergence and its impact on cyber security. In a wide-ranging discussion, Elisabetta underlined the importance of developing a security baseline for the global digital economy, through public-private collaboration and common security standards.

“The global community has the responsibility to co-operate on developing a security baseline for our digital world as we have done for our non-digital world. But while there isn’t a blanket cybersecurity strategy for every organisation, regulators should require security by design for any software and hardware. This can be achieved through public-private co-operation for the development of common security standards which are available and usable in such a way that the market can readily adopt them.” said Elisabetta Zaccaria “This approach would not completely dismiss cyber risk but would mitigate it substantially as it would raise the bar for cyber security.”

Elisabetta was joined on the panel by other senior and experienced figures: Gary Stewart, Wayra/O2, Adam Beaumont, AQL, Richard Porter, Meridian Mobility: Strategic Technical Direction for connected autonomous vehicles and Paul W, NCSC.

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