Secure Chorus’ Chairman addresses CSIT’s Summit 2017 in Belfast


Secure Chorus’ Chairman, Elisabetta Zaccaria, was the opening keynote at the Centre for Secure Information Technologies’ (CSIT) World Cyber Security Technology Research Summit 2017 in Belfast on 10th May.

The Summit brought together the international research community alongside industry leaders, government policy makers, start-ups and SME’s from around the world to discuss “Security for a Future Digital Society“.  Other keynote speakers at the Summit included: Conrad Prince – UK Cyber Security Growth Ambassador at UK Department for International Trade and Ruth Davis – Head of Commercial Strategy and Public Policy at BT Security.

In her keynote, Elisabetta spoke about the importance for organisations to secure their multimedia data.

Organisations discuss many different kind of sensitive issues such as trade secrets and personal data of customers, employees or patients. Multimedia data is therefore just as important as the other data we protect, and it is likely harder to predict the sensitivity of communication in advance.

Elisabetta outlined several risks to organisations’ multimedia data; attackers can place or receive calls, without the user realising it, resulting in compromise of spoken data. They can gain privileged network access, compromise a cellular base station or use a false base station and gain access to content and metadata. Attackers can also cause calls to be routed via infrastructure they control (e.g. offering low-cost routing), enabling interception.

These risks are amongst those in focus for Secure Chorus, the not-for profit membership organisation for vendors and users of secure communication. The company was incorporated in September 2016, though its genesis traces to 2012, when several industry players came together to support the UK Government’s new requirements for secure communication. Since then there has been interest from security-conscious enterprises with similar requirements. These include financial services, professional services and healthcare sectors.

Speaking at the CSIT Summit, Elisabetta Zaccaria, Chairman of Secure Chorus said:

“The CSIT summit is an important forum for vendors and users of cyber security solutions. The mood of the conference has confirmed what we already believed – that government and enterprise is increasingly recognising the importance of protecting their multimedia data. We have clarity on what the user requirements are, and we are building a business ecosystem that can fulfil such requirements. It’s good to have that validation as we press ahead with building our global ecosystem of vendor and users.”

“Most of the mainstream solutions currently available are in fact islands of isolated security, which means they are isolated by the particular product or technology variant. Employees may not be able to speak securely to a colleague or an external party, who is using a different secure communications solution.

“In addition, most of these solutions are not designed to be centrally managed making it extremely difficult to carry out a user-specific, time bounded audit on multimedia communication, if required.

 “Secure Chorus Compliant Products are able to surmount these hurdles as well as address successfully other enterprise requirements;

  • End-to-end encryption; Secure Chorus Compliant Products can be used in any environment without needing trust, both at rest (e.g. storage) and in transit (e.g. network systems).
  • Identity-based public key, but no certificate distribution is needed; Simply knowing a user’s phone number is enough to establish a secure communication. This gives users confidence in always knowing who is the initiator or recipient of multimedia data.
  • Designed to be centrally managed, giving domain managers full control of the security of the system. This gives the organisation the ability to do an audit, if required.
  • Interoperability; By adopting a Secure Chorus Compliant Product, users can communicate with other users, companies or departments who have adopted Secure Chorus Compliant Products.

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