Secure Chorus announces measures related to COVID-19


The new coronavirus disease, now officially named COVID-19, was declared a global health emergency by the World Health Organization in January 2020. 

As the virus has the potential to spread extensively, it’s likely to pose a significant challenge to many organisations.

Our board of directors and its advisors have over 20 years’ combined experience in risk management across different disciplines.

During these past weeks, our teams have worked hard to develop precautionary measures to protect the health of our people, clients, advisors, suppliers and our wider stakeholder base as much as possible, while ensuring our business continuity.

We believe that this is one of those moments when we all have a duty to behave with utmost integrity towards the larger society.

Our Company, since its inception, has invested in technology to support a remote workforce and to be able to perform all of our work digitally.

We also invested in human resources best practices to build a culture where our people understand they have a shared responsibility to make remote work productive.

This approach has allowed our Company to react effectively to this health crisis.

As of 11th March 2020 – we have successfully implemented a precautionary measure of 100% remote working across our Company until further notice.

This is in addition to the rest of the measures we have already taken throughout the Company regarding temporarily suspending in-person meetings, events attendance and business travels.


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