Secure Chorus announces closure of its office at Level39 and move to remote working


Secure Chorus has announced the permanent closure of its office at Level39 in Canary Wharf, London and its move to remote working for an indefinite period of time.

Stephen Brown, Director of Secure Chorus said:

“Earlier this year, Secure Chorus was uniquely prepared to allow its staff to work 100% remotely in the wake of the Coronavirus global health emergency. Our business is digital by design, meaning Secure Chorus, from its outset, was set up to be able to operate with remote workforce at any time.  

There are various reasons why remote working has proven to be difficult for many businesses during the pandemic, but the principal ones were that some businesses had to make substantial changes to their business model and way of working.

Since our business has invested from its outset in the required culture and technology to support efficient and successful remote working, when we decided to allow our staff to work 100% outside the office, our management didn’t have to solve urgent cybersecurity and collaboration issues related to remote work. Instead, we were able to work securely and efficiently from day one.

Our decision to permanently shut down our office at Level39 as of 1st July 2020, was first driven by our ability to operate remotely, efficiently and securely. Second, as social distancing continues to be an on-going requirement in the UK and internationally for the foreseeable future, having a permanent office was deemed an unnecessary cost.

We will certainly look at having a solution in place for in-person meetings in the future when the pandemic risk has been mitigated to a level whereby our stakeholders feel safe to attend physical meetings on a regular basis again. The solution, however, likely won’t be in the form of a new permanent office space.”

Secure Chorus Ltd continues to have a registered office at Cannon Place, 78 Cannon Street, London, England, EC4N 6AF.

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