Board of Directors

Elisabetta Zaccaria, Chairman

Elisabetta has over a decade of experience in the cyber security, risk management, information technology and communications sectors. She has been a C-level executive of several successful companies in the UK, US, MENA and APAC since 2006. She has achieved significant returns for investors, by starting-up, building and selling businesses.

In 2015, she founded cyberY Ltd, a firm specialised in designing ecosystems to foster innovation in the cyber security sector. In February 2016, cyberY started a major ecosystem project, Secure Chorus.

cyberY was engaged to grow Secure Chorus’ innovation capacity, sustainability and velocity. Secure Chorus Ltd was incorporated in September 2016 as a not-for-profit, membership organisation. cyberY is a co-founder of Secure Chorus Ltd and Elisabetta has taken on the roles of Chairman and Launch Director for a 2-year launch period of this project.

Prior to that Elisabetta was the Group Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Operating Officer of Global Strategies Group. She built the British stand-alone start-up into an international company, providing cyber security, systems development and integration, data management and analysis, which reached $600 million in revenues in only 6 years. She left in 2012 after a career with the company and its predecessor organisations spanning nearly 9 years and including several acquisitions, an IPO (Nasdaq) and an exit to a private equity house. She also held various board director positions in several UK, US and EU companies.

Elisabetta is an LBS alumnus, holds a Magister Doctor of Law from Universita’ Degli Studii di Ferrara and an MA in International Relations from Hult International Business School.

Roderick Hodgson, Director

Roderick is a technologist, innovation strategist, and full-stack developer. Throughout his career he has defined, developed and delivered disruptive products in Video Streaming, Telecoms, Cybersecurity, IoT and Big Data for different companies.

He has served in several senior R&D roles where he worked on global research projects in the areas of video technology, broadcasting, and artificial intelligence, inclusive of BBC R&D, SQR Systems Ltd and Toptal LLC. He has co-authored several papers and patents in the fields of broadcasting and artificial intelligence, spoken at conferences on IoT and secure communications, and also contributed to a number of international standardisation efforts in both broadcasting and communications. In his spare time, he offers mentoring to ambitious technology start-ups.

In 2016, he founded Roderick Hodgson Ltd, a consultancy firm specialised in technology strategy, product development and applied innovation. In August 2016, Roderick Hodgson Ltd started working with cyberY Ltd on the Secure Chorus project.

Roderick Hodgson Ltd was brought onto the project to support Secure Chorus’ technology roadmap development. Roderick Hodgson Ltd is a co-founder of Secure Chorus Ltd and Roderick has taken on the role of Launch Director for a 2-year launch period of this project.

Roderick holds a B.Sc. (Hons.) in Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science from the University of Edinburgh. He speaks English and French.


Kit Murphy, Head of Operations

Kit is a senior technology industry executive with extensive international experience (UK, EU, US, Middle East, Asia and Latin America) in high growth small to medium companies as well as large public companies.

Kit has held several senior roles in technology strategy, technical programme management and change management in the Mobile Telecommunications and Defence & National Security industries, for companies such as Motorola, Harman International and Global Strategies Group. Kit graduated with an MBA from London Business School, has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Application & Management of Information Technology, and undertook post-graduate coursework in Cryptography, Security Management, and Private Equity. Most recently, she was Chief of Staff for Plexal, one of Europe’s largest technology innovation centres, where she was responsible for a variety of operational and strategic areas, as well as managing the £15 mln design and build project of the centre.

In 2011, she founded Arpeggia Limited, a strategy and operations consultancy, focused on helping small to medium businesses grow. Arpeggia has provided consultancy expertise on strategy development, business planning, leadership development, change management and operations for companies in the FinTech, Professional Services, Technology Innovation, NGO, Media, and Leisure industries.

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