Secure Chorus attends Healthcare Cybersecurity conference in Manchester


Secure Chorus’ Director Roderick Hodgson attended the “Healthcare Cybersecurity Conference: Protecting the NHS against cyberattacks” at the AJ Bell Stadium in Manchester, on the 20th July.

The conference brought together expert speakers from across the healthcare sector and cyber security sectors to discuss the increasing digitalisation of NHS services — the NHS in England is expected to be paperless by 2020 and to have interoperable electronic health records accessible by patients by 2018.

The digitization of healthcare data and advancements in enabling technologies are improving patient care and operational efficiency. This includes making services more accessible and potentially less expensive by enabling patient-provider connectivity “anytime and anywhere.”

New technologies, new business models and permeable boundaries among stakeholders have increased the complexity of protecting sensitive data in this risk-intensive and highly regulated sector.

The cyber threats are substantial, potentially exposing patient confidentiality, the integrity and availability of patient data as well as exposing service providers to business losses and reputational damage.

A co-ordinated cyberattack against numerous NHS trusts in May this year exposed the major vulnerabilities within the UK healthcare sector’s digital infrastructure.

Speaking after the conference Roderick Hodgson, Director of Secure Chorus said:

“Cyber security should be a major focus in the risk-intensive and highly regulated healthcare environment. Healthcare data must therefore be protected through technologies that offer data security both at rest (e.g. storage) and in transit (e.g. network systems) while also offering auditing capabilities to meet various regulatory obligations. Another important aspect is interoperability to ensure secure communication between internal user groups as well as between internal & external user groups.

Secure Chorus Compliant Products are interoperable as well as offering end-to-end encryption. Data can be audited by the organisation through a managed and logged process.

Secure Chorus was primarily designed to support the UK government’s requirement for secure communications. This includes a range of applications including public safety. Since then, we found that highly regulated industries such as financial service and healthcare have very similar requirements.”

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