Apply for membership

Apply for membership

Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member or an observer. Secure Chorus requires an admission process. This is to ensure that applicants meet the eligibility criteria for the relevant class of membership or observer status.

Key principles

Secure Chorus admission process seeks to:

  • fully protect the interests of Secure Chorus’ members and observers, any prospective member and observer, and Secure Chorus as an organisation, against reputational or any other risk, or liability for ad hoc decisions taken
  • be based on criteria that are consistent with the obligations of existing members and observers
  • place the onus for demonstration of ability and willingness to meet Secure Chorus’ membership or observer status requirements on the applicant
  • be based on a consistent and rigorous assessment by Secure Chorus of the applicant organisation’s self-assessed performance related to Secure Chorus membership and observer status requirements

Key requirements

No applicant can become a member or observer unless:

  • it has completed a Membership Application Form;
  • the Board have approved the Membership Application Form; and
  • it has paid the subscription in clear funds (unless otherwise agreed by the directors in writing).

Key stages

The new member admission process six stages:

1. Secure Chorus invites the applicant to apply

Secure Chorus and provides the applicant with the following documents:

• Applicant Self-Assessment Form
• Membership Application Form
• Articles of Association

The Applicant Self-Assessment Form and the Membership Application Form must be returned by the applicant duly completed and signed.

2. Secure Chorus Board of Directors Meeting

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Secure Chorus is convened to assess the applicant’s suitability for the relevant class of membership or observer status. The Board assessment is based on the following:

• Review of the Applicant Self-Assessment Form to ensure applicant meets the eligibility criteria for the relevant class of membership or observer status;
• Asses that the Membership Application Form has been duly filled in and signed by applicant.

3. Secure Chorus Board of Directors Resolution

The Board of Directors passes a resolution recording the approval or rejection of the application.

4. Secure Chorus Board of Directors Letter of Acceptance or Letter of Rejection

The applicant receives a Letter of Acceptance or Letter of Rejection from the Board of Directors.

5. Payment of Subscription Fee

The membership or observer status becomes effective once the applicant has paid its
subscription fee.

6. Ongoing monitoring

Secure Chorus conducts ongoing monitoring of members’ and observers’ compliance with the requirements set out in the Articles of Association and Membership Application Form.


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