An Ecosystem of Organisations
and Products

An Ecosystem of Organisations and Products

At Secure Chorus, we believe that industry collaboration is essential for the development of solutions that provide the key requirements for organisations across government, public and private sectors to ensure safe data processing. This means that solutions must be secure, regulatory compliant and interoperable.

We have created an ecosystem of technology innovators and services providers in the field of information security capable of handling a diverse range of user-cases, across government, public and private sector. This allows each partner in the ecosystem to focus on their specific areas of expertise, yielding higher quality information security solutions – Secure Chorus Compliant Products – as the end result.

Secure Chorus Compliant Products come with six main common benefits:


Many current market solutions lock users into the product, preventing users from migrating to another solution, and further preventing them from communicating with users of competing solutions. By implementing interoperability, vendors of Secure Chorus Compliant Products provide assurance to their customers that they are not ‘locked in’ to one brand and can communicate with users of other Secure Chorus Compliant Products.

End-to-end encryption

While many current market solutions provide security, it is not always clear who else may have access to the data, and whether the data is secured in off-site backups and across all networks. Secure Chorus Compliant Products provide for end-to-end encryption and can be used in a variety of environments, both at rest (e.g. storage) and in transmission (e.g. network systems).

Data ownership

Many market solutions do not give the users ownership and control over the security system. Secure Chorus Compliant Products feature central management, giving the enterprise full control of the system security, allowing them to comply with any auditing requirements through a managed and logged process. Secure Chorus’ KMS (Key Management Server) based approach allows the enterprise’s domain manager to easily enable the processing of data between different user groups without bringing external user groups into the security perimeter of the organisation.


Many market solutions fail to provide business-grade trust, making it difficult to guarantee that the users you are speaking to are really who you think they are. Those that do, implement complex manually managed systems (such as certificate distribution) that are not built to support large user groups. Secure Chorus Compliant Products use identity-based public key cryptography, removing the need for an expensive and complex supporting infrastructure for distributing credentials, allowing for at-scale implementation.


Many solutions require both sender and recipient to agree in advance on the cryptography keys to be used in their communications. This scenario presents limiting factors when attempting to provide secure voicemail and instant messaging, which often have to be implemented using alternative approaches. Secure Chorus’ open cryptography standard of choice presents the opportunity to build Secure Chorus Compliant Products which support both real-time processing of data (such as one-one and multi-party calls) and deferred delivery of data (such as messaging and voicemail), developed with a single high-grade security solution.

Implementation agnostic

Many market solutions are built for a specific platform or type of communication, preventing these technologies from providing security when communication channels span across systems and businesses. The implementation-agnostic nature of Secure Chorus Interoperability Standards, ensures Secure Chorus Compliant Products can be built on a wide range of hardware and software platforms and systems, that can match a variety of enterprise requirements.

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