Secure Chorus compliant products provide
a unique combination of security, interoperability & data ownership.

Security &
Ease of Use

Secure Chorus Compliant Products provide true end-to-end security. Messages and call data are encrypted on one user’s device, and are not decrypted again until they reach their destination.

The flexibility of Identity Based Public Key Cryptography (hereinafter “IDPKC”) allows harmonisation with real world identities like emails or phone numbers.

The protocols which form the basis of Secure Chorus allow for a broad range of user application spanning secure voice, M2M, sensor device networks and industrial control systems.

Openness &

Secure Chorus Compliant Products allow scalable, secure communications and works cross-platform, cross-vendor, and cross-network.

End users can buy Secure Chorus Compliant Products from different vendors and still communicate with one another.

Set up is effortless, cost effective and user friendly.

Data Control &

Secure Chorus Compliant Products allow end users to be in control of the security of their user’s communications; no certificate authorities are required, and key management services are extremely flexible.

The technology also seamlessly supports lawful business practice monitoring to meet compliance requirements; protects employees’ data privacy; gives the opportunity to data owners to capitalise on their data.

We are democratising the market for both vendors and end users.

Secure Communication
Products Vendors

Secure Chorus gives vendors the opportunity to compete on a level playing field, where success is a consequence of innovation and hard work, not the product of vendor lock-in market dynamics.

Our members concentrate on building an ecosystem which will allow scalable secure communications that will work cross-platform, cross-vendor and cross-network. Through open standards and cooperation, we intend to transform the market from providing small islands of proprietary security to providing a vibrant security ecosystem supporting diverse cross sector use-cases.

Government & Enterprise
End Users

Secure Chorus offers governments and enterprise a variety of Secure Chorus Compliant Products which provide a unique combination of security, interoperability and data ownership.

End users need the confidence to know that their communication security solution won’t result in isolation and vendor lock-in, but allow connectivity at the highest levels of security. We are delighted to have helped bring together key industry players with the common goal of driving standardisation and interoperability. These companies have the vision to collaborate to create enterprise-ready platforms while competing to create a dynamic market.

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